5 Projects to Whiten & Brighten, NOT YOUR TEETH, Your Kitchen :) A Moment To Thank Heaven For Home Depot! And Lowes! And The Handy Men in our Life!


5 Projects to Whiten and Brighten Your Kitchen

Here are fun, creative ways to add the timeless beauty of white to your kitchen.


Several white kitchen makeover projects by bloggers

White kitchens brighten up your home, and they never go out of style. Image: Modern Jane Design/At The Picket Fence/Lemonade Makin' Mama

When it comes to kitchen colors, white is always popular. A 2013 National Kitchen & Bath Association survey found that 67% of respondents would choose white kitchen cabinets over anything else, a 20% jump in the last two years.

Why white? It’s bright, goes with everything, and never falls out of style. And if you’re germ-a-phobic, white lets you easily see the dirt you’ll want to wipe away.

So we asked a few of our favorite bloggers to show how a little bright white perked up their tired kitchens. Their projects are clearly inspiring.

Bright White Floor

When Jane, of the Modern Jane Design blog, moved the island in her newly remodeled kitchen, it left an ugly unfinished patch in her already beat-up, 104-year-old wood floors.

Unfinished island

Credit: Jane Gallant/Modern Jane Design

So she filled holes with tough car body filler, sanded the heck out of the repaired wood, then covered the floor with a bright white, oil-based porch-and-floor paint. 

The result is a sparkling white floor that contrasts nicely with the dark-wood kitchen island and its new faucet and sink. Take a look.

Finished floor

Credit: Jane Gallant/Modern Jane Design

White Island Tops Off Remodel

Heather, of the At the Picket Fence blog, finished off her white kitchen remodel with a beadboard kitchen island topped with butcher block and fancied up with turned legs. She has a great tutorial on how to build your own island. I’ll give you a preview: Newel posts will be involved.

Turned legs

Credit: Heather Patterson from At the Picket Fence

I love Heather’s tip on spreading a wood conditioner on a butcher block top before staining, which makes the wood accept the stain more evenly.

A (Back)Splash of White

White looks even whiter when paired with dark cabinets. That’s why Beckie’s white subway tile backsplash really pops beneath the Infarrantly Creative blogger’s black cabinets. Take a look at this great ebony-and-ivory combo.

Tile backsplash

Credit: Beckie from Infarrantly Creative

By the way, that slate countertop is really laminate. At $10-$15 per sq. ft., you can’t beat the low price and upscale look.

Dishwasher Facelift

One way to keep white from becoming monotonous is to add texture. That’s what Sasha of Lemonade Makin’ Mama did when she glued white beadboard to the face of her plain white dishwasher. I can’t think of anything that beadboard doesn’t make better-looking. Little touches like that give rooms a unique look and feel.

Beadboard dishwasher

Credit: Sasha Brodeur/Lemonade Makin’ Mama

The beadboard was part of a larger kitchen transformation that gave Sasha’s bland, white kitchen a bit of spice. She painted the island a deep grey and installed white Kashmir granite, which provides a glassy shine that reflects all the other cool things in her kitchen.

Granite countertop

Credit: Sasha Brodeur/Lemonade Makin’ Mama

Paint It Yourself

The quickest and most economical way to turn your kitchen white is to paint the cabinets yourself. Of course, easier said than done. 

But Brooke, of the All Things Thrifty blog, will guide you through the process — all 19 steps. Hint: A small air compressor will be involved.

“I don’t want brush marks, or painted-over hinges,” Brooke says. “I want you to do it professionally so that you aren’t mad at yourself a year from now. “

Yes, ma’am! 

Take a look how Brooke transformed cabinets from this ….

Unpainted cabinets

Credit: Brooke Ulrich from All Things Thrifty

… to this. It’s a white wonderland!

Painted cabinets

Credit: Brooke Ulrich from All Things Thrifty




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