Dashes of bold hues are an easy way to update your house and give it a colorful — and upbeat — personality.


Dashes of bold hues are an easy way to update your house and give it a colorful — and upbeat — personality.  
Bold Bursts of Color to Brighten Your Home
Plenty of Upside
This demure dining area gets an unexpected lift from a fuchsia-colored ceiling that turns a conventional paint color scheme upside down. Painting ceilings a darker color than walls helps make spaces cozier — an especially good effect for rooms with tall ceilings.
Happy Face
Like a smiling sous chef, this retro-style refrigerator ($2,995 and up) brightens the kitchen with its sunshiney yellow face. The powder-coated finishes of this brand come in many colors including blue, orange, red, and pink. It also comes as an undercounter model if you’re looking to save space with tiny appliances for your small home.
Hitting the Right Notes
An all-white kitchen is the perfect playground for a splash of color (make that a backsplash of color). Textural 1-by-2-inch glass tiles ($20 per sq. ft.) create a mellow hue above black countertops made of recycled paper. Want more pop? A jazzy kitchen backsplash can add a dash of dazzle.
Turn on the Brights!
Your kids won’t need any urging to brush their teeth when you put a neon-green pedestal sink in their bathroom. This Agape polyethylene sink ($1,075-$1,950) is perfect for small spaces, and the rounded shape is especially kid-friendly. Neutral white walls and dark brown tiles make this beauty really pop.

Color That Opens Doors (and Drawers)
A little touch of color adds a splash of panache. For an easy kitchen update, switch out your old cabinet hardware for fused glass knobs and pulls ($10-$20 each) that come in a world of playful hues.


DIY Carpet
No need for expensive, dust-catching carpets when a little elbow grease and a fun paint color gets you a beautiful floor show. This design was created with painter’s tape; for fancier designs, try reusable mylar stencils ($20-$60 for a 20-by-20-inch stencil). BTW, today’s flooring paints ($50-$60/gal.) are tough — you won’t need an acrylic topcoat in low-traffic areas.
Color Pops with Punch
No shrinking violet, you! Punctuating your kitchen with brightly colored cabinets says you’re a happy adventurer with no fear. These custom-made cabinets featured colored laminate shelves and doors in 16 stock colors and many other options — perfect for those who love bold kitchen colors.


Finding Your Niche
Make recessed alcoves and window seats an architectural focal point by painting them a bold, contrasting color. Don’t forget to put the space underneath your window seat to good use by adding window seat storage.
Serving Up Color, Naturally
A soothing slice of green countertop invites nature inside all year round. Laminates and solid-surface countertops offer a huge array of colors. If you really want to go green, try an eco-friendly countertop ($30-$100 per lineal foot) made with recycled content and low-toxicity binders.
Fiery Italian Beauty
No worries — you’ll still get cold water from this red-hot faucet. In a world of chrome and brushed nickel, this bright powder-coated faucet ($1,188) stands out. Want more way-cool faucet ideas? Check out our slideshow of high-tech kitchen faucets that’ll have you washing dishes by hand just for the fun of it.




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