Decor Apps For Your Home~ Great Tools!



5 Awesome Apps to Help Revamp Your Home Decor

For me, fall is always about nesting. With cooler weather on it’s way, you’ll likely be spending more time indoors, or perhaps entertaining friends for dinner parties and the like. Whatever the occasion, you’ll want to make sure your home decor is top notch to impress your guests and to create a homey, comfortable environment perfect for hanging out. You’ll be surprised at the difference a few small tweaks can make. I’ve rounded up my favorite apps that decorating a little bit easier, way more fun and much less expensive than hiring a decorator or designer! My favorite is the app that lets you create color palettes based on your photos — how cool is that? Happy Decorating!

1. iHandy Level Free – iHandy Inc., free


This one is probably already in your app arsenal. It’s a level that works on your smart phone and will assist in hanging art and photographs on an even plane — a huge detail that’s easily noticed when done wrong. If you don’t already have this app, download it first thing.

2. Palettes – Rick Maddy, free


This is a fun app for the color-obsessed. Take a photo of something that inspires you: a door, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a dress, whatever it may be. Then, upload the photo and the app will create a combination of swatches based on the colors in the photo.

3. SnapShop Showroom – SnapShop Inc., free


This app takes the guesswork out of choosing furniture. After uploading a photo of your room, you can browse the websites of retailers and then virtually insert the piece into your room to “preview” what it will look like before you take the plunge.

4. Handy Man DIY – Wowzer Software, $1.99


This how-to app offers instructions and videos for projects such as installing floor tiles. What makes it ultra helpful, though are the pre-built materials lists that allow you to enter product prices and come up with a cost estimate for the project.

5. Home Design DIY Interior Room Layout Space Planning; Decorating Tool – Mark On Call for iPhone – M.O.C. Interior Designer, LLC, $2.99

This app lets you plan out the furniture plan of your room, but also has other fun planning features such as adding “Eyeliner” to your room (that’s code for adding a little flair).


Salee Zawerbek, Your Personal Real Estate Consultant For LIFE!


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