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ALL THE LEAVES ARE BROWN: How I love Fall Decorating

3 Quick and Easy Tips for Fall Decorating

While spring is for cleaning, fall is for cozy nooks and crannies that beg for an evening of cider and a good book with a blanket. Create that nesting vibe with these three quick, easy and inexpensive tips!

1. Branch out- Oh how I love LED branches and whoever invented them! I’ve had mine for two years and they have yet to burn out. They’re cozy, they make a statement and they are oh-so fall. 


2. Mask It- With Halloween, the quickly setting sun, and memories of fairy tales and ghost stories, fall to me always feels a little mystical. I add flair around my house with masks by putting them on lamps, hanging them from doorways and fireplaces, etc. They add an element of intrigue.


3. Pinecone Garland-  Like LED branches, pinecones won’t go bad on you. String them together and drape wherever you want for an instant fall look! If you don’t have time to collect your own, check your local market for a bag of them, often times they’re sold with cinnamon scent already added!

I hope you enjoy the season as much as I do.


Salee Zawerbek, Your Personal Real Estate Consultant For LIFE!